What size Yoni Wand should i purchase?

We recommend the Traditional Yoni Wand as each end has two different sizes you can play around with. 

What size Yoni Egg should i purchase?

Large is ideal for beginners who have given birth and/or experience weak pelvic floor conditions. Medium is for beginner to intermediate users that are looking to maintain strength and tone vagina muscles and don't experience weak pelvic floor conditions, as well as incorporating spiritual practices. Small is ideal for advanced expert users. When you are able to consciously control your yoni egg with your pelvic floor muscles. We recommend the Yoni Egg Set for post birth rehabilitation. Our single Yoni Eggs do not come with string however our Yoni Egg Set does include string. 

Are you crystals certified?

Yes our crystals are GIA certified. GIA is the most established institute in this field; the GIA is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the research, standardisation and teaching of diamonds, gemstones and pearls since 1931. The GIA certificate guarantees that the products are made of safe and authentic crystals, which have not been heated, dyed or modified.

How do I clean my crystals?

Crystals are porous meaning they need to be cleaned thoroughly before and after use. Clean with warm water (not boiling hot) and pH neutral non toxic soap or diluted apple cider vinegar. Use a bamboo toothbrush to clean throughly, particularly in the whole of the drilled yoni egg. Please allow to air dry and wash your pouch often too.

I accidentally dropped or chipped my crystal?

Unfortunately, our gemstones are fragile and need to be handled with love and care. Please do not put in boiling hot water or it may crack. If broken or chipped please do not continue to use. We recommend putting your crystal back into the earth in your garden. When travelling, wrap cloth around the neck and store in the pouch, as it's precious and breakable.