Sustainability is complex and a never-ending journey. We continue to research and explore sustainable pathways and though our efforts may not be perfect, they’re a lifelong journey of improvement for us and we welcome you to join.

Unfortunately, the sex toy industry poses a threat to the environment for a number of reasons. Firstly, you can’t buy sex toys second hand, meaning they are all created, packaged and transported from scratch. Secondly, the market is filled with toys that are created using silicones and plastic which we are putting inside of our bodies. Lastly, majority are battery or electronically operated and are adding to the planet’s ever growing e-waste. The way in which we produce, consume, and dispose of electrical and electronic equipment is unsustainable. In short, the most sustainable sex toy is our hands, however this does not always satisfy our sensual desires. This is how we discovered crystals; we believe a beautiful and more sustainable alternative to what is on the market today.

The first step towards a sustainable business is full transparency and accountability of the business supply chain. If you have any questions or advice please get in touch and we encourage you to do so with all brands and companies you are connecting with. As a collective we can work together for a better future.

How do I dispose of my crystal?

Unlike other sex toys on the market, we recommend you put your crystal back into the earth in your garden. The crystal is natural and will not release or leak any toxic substances back into our earth.

Where are you crystals sourced?

Our crystals are sourced from Brazil. The crystal industry lacks regulation however we have consciously chosen this country. In 2019, the Brazilian National Mining association (IBRAM) adopted the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative. This initiative was developed by the Ottawa-based Mining Association of Canada. TSM is a program aimed at improving environmental and social practices in the mining industry. IBRAM joins only six other mining associations around the globe that have adopted the initiative. 

Where are your crystals manufactured?

We endeavour to source a manufacturer in Australia, however, unfortunately with the current economy most Australian businesses cannot compete with the global market. For now, our crystals are ethically manufactured in China. Our suppliers do not use any chemicals, BPAs, phthalates, glues or dyes in the process and are 100% natural and raw. The company undergoes an annual audit with SGS (SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services CO., LTD.) a global third party auditor that inspects the facility in all areas of labour practices, workplace environment and quality control of raw materials. Our crystals are than passed through our supplier in America who have developed a long standing relationship with the manufacturer and ensured all certifications and policies are in place.